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Your Route into British Education

Because of our close contacts with schools, universities and selection committees you stand a much greater chance of securing a place in a British educational institution with our help. We successfully enroll over 96% of applicants in their first choice courses.

Our service does not end there, though. Entering the UK for study involves plenty of paperwork and we help complete all the necessary documentation so your applications are processed swiftly and without problems. We can even help you write your UCAS personal statements and provide support when you are preparing for interviews.

In fact, our free consultation and guidance is only one part of a huge range of services:

  • Preparing and processing all necessary documentation
  • Arranging visits to educational institutions
  • Arranging education for the whole family
  • Arranging trips for school groups
  • Arranging a place to stay in the UK (British host-family, hotels, apartments)
  • Guardianship for children
  • Translation of documents
  • Medical insurance
  • Meeting you at the airport
  • Ticket booking
  • Arranging SIM cards
  • Organising tests (TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT)