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Would you like to live and study in the UK?
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Study in the UK

A British education improves your prospects in life dramatically:

The London Education Centre opens these doors for you. If you want to study in the UK we can arrange education in some of Britain€™s top educational institutions. We deal with the technicalities whilst you get ready to study in a modern, cosmopolitan country with a rich heritage.

English has increasingly become the world€™s language and there is no better place to become skilled in using English than its home.

Open up new horizons - come to study in the UK with the London Education Centre.

Why Study in the UK?

There are many reasons why Britain is one of the most popular destinations for students:

  • Education in the UK is cheaper than in the USA and many other European countries.
  • UK degrees are taught more intensively, leading to shorter courses. A bachelor's degree takes 4 years in the USA but only 3 years in Britain. A master'€™s degree takes 2 years in the USA but only 1 in the UK. This saves you both time and money.
  • Overseas students have the right to work up to 20 hours per week during academic University terms and in the holidays they can work full time.
  • Learning English in the UK has helped countless students secure their dream job.
  • Britain provides a superb education in many subjects, but is particularly renowned for its courses in business, finance, design, fashion, medicine and of course the English language.

Study English in the UK

Choose to study English in the UK and you benefit not only from outstanding teaching; you can also immerse yourself in the very home of the language. This enables you to absorb English more naturally, speeding your learning. It also helps you speak English like a native, because a language will never be spoken convincingly until you have used it in its natural environment. In addition, those who learn to speak English with a British accent are frequently more respected than those speaking with an American accent even in America!

This full-immersion learning means you can soon be thinking in English and talking freely about the most complicated topics. Even short language courses can bring rapid results. Find out more about learning English in the UK


The British government and other UK organisations provide various scholarships and grants for overseas students. This decision is made by the university you attend and is usually based on outstanding school results. Students with masters degrees stand a much greater chance of being awarded a scholarship. The most popular option is the Chevening Scholarship programme. This is granted annually by the British Council and usually pays all course fees and living expenses.

The UK Education System

Evolving over centuries, the traditional values and intellectual rigour of the British education system make it highly valued worldwide. All British children must be in education from the age of 5 until they are 16. It should be noted that education in Scotland is regulated by the Scottish Parliament, leading to different systems from the rest of the UK for both schools and universities. Find out more about the UK education system

Education in the UK for Children

There are two types of schools in the UK: state and private. State schools provide free education for British and European citizens as well as children with a residence permit. International students mainly study in private educational institutions, which charge variable fees.

Children staying in Britain need a UK resident to take responsibility for them. If they are living with a family then that family is fully responsible for their care. If they are placed in a schools boarding house then the school takes that responsibility, but most boarding schools also require the child to have a guardian in the UK. The London Education Centre can help arrange this.

When children begin their education at the age of 5 they attend infant school. Once they are 7 they move to primary school and then progress to secondary school when they are 11. If pupils attend boarding schools they will live and study there all year round, going home only in the holidays or on weekends twice a term. Learn more about UK boarding schools

Colleges in the UK

After completing their GCSE qualifications at secondary school British pupils move on to study either A Levels or the International Baccalaureate from 16-18. This is often done at school but they also have the opportunity of attending a college, where the approach is more like university, with more personal freedom and no school uniform. Whether in school or college, however, expectations are still high in relation to the student'€™s commitment and 100% attendance is obligatory.

This is the age when most overseas children come to the UK for their education since they are more independent and ready to live and study away from home. College students can live with families or in a college hostel. Learn more about studying at UK colleges

Universities in the UK

Overseas students will need special preparation in order to study in a British university. 3 options are available to qualify for admission to UK universities:

After completing their bachelor's degree (2-3 years) many students go on to study for their master'€™s degree. Students who have graduated from an overseas university can easily choose to pursue their master'€™s degree in a UK university. They will need to provide proof of their qualification.

Distance Learning in the UK

If you wish to benefit from a British education without living in the UK you can choose distance learning. This gives you access to high quality British teaching from anywhere in the world in a wide range of subjects, including English language. In addition to email there are many options for communicating with your UK tutor, including real-time methods such as the telephone or Skype. This enables you to practise communicating in English and can be particularly useful for business people preparing presentations or students practising for exams. Learn more about distance learning in the UK

Summer/Holiday Courses in the UK

Summer courses in the UK are a great way to learn the English language whilst travelling, getting to know a new country and meeting new friends. UK summer schools are extremely popular and children from as young as 3 years old are welcomed into a friendly, stimulating environment where they can learn English whilst having fun! Learn more about summer courses in the UK

Applying for a UK Student Visa

UK student visas are granted on a points-based system designed to make the process impartial and clear. Applicants must have 40 points. 30 points are gained from having a valid confirmation of acceptance for studies from a UK university. The remaining 10 points are given for having sufficient funds to cover your course fees and living expenses. You can read further details at the UK Home Office website.

Studying and Working in the UK

University Students are allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week during term time if they are studying at a UK higher educational institutions.

During holidays and training a student is entitled to work full time. Further information is available at the UK Home Office website.

Working alongside your studies in the UK will help you get to know British people and develop a better understanding of their society. It is also a great way to practise and improve your language skills! Your educational institution should have a support service which will help you find a suitable local job. Most commonly overseas students work in the service sector, such as in hotels, restaurants and shops. If you speak English confidently you may even be able to secure a job which is more closely matched to your qualifications.

Studying in the UK is a dream for many students because it provides a world-class education which will transform your prospects for the future. Former students also speak very fondly of their time spent in Britain - for many it proved to be the greatest experience of their lives. This is why the professional advisors at the London Education Centre feel such satisfaction when completing the arrangements for new students to study in the UK. We would love to add you to that list of happy clients! Get in touch now to discuss your own plans. There's no charge and it could be your first step towards a fantastic future.