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English for Professionals

Many professions require a good knowledge of English. As the world gets smaller the common language is English and anyone who is not fluent risks being left behind.

The London Education Centre offers a range of English courses for professionals. These courses are focused on the requirements of specific professions, ensuring you become proficient with the specialised vocabulary used within your field of work. From lawyers to doctors to pilots and more – every profession uses different terminology and international communication makes fluency in that particular usage of English invaluable.

The added benefit of our courses is that you study in the UK, meaning you do not simply learn in the classroom but have the opportunity to practise your English with native speakers all around you. This will give you the skill and confidence to use English in professional contexts with ease.

The London Education Centre offers the following specialised English courses:

  • English for the Automotive/Car Industry
  • English for Aviation & Airline Personnel
  • English for Banking
  • English for Business Meetings, Negotiations & Presentations
  • English for Career Development
  • Technical English for Engineers
  • English for Human Resources
  • English for Export Professionals
  • English for Industrial Psychology Professionals
  • English for Insurance Personnel
  • English for Lawyers
  • English for Medicine
  • Military English
  • English for the Oil and Gas Industries
  • English for Personal Assistants / Secretaries
  • English for Pharmaceutical Industry Personnel
  • English for Project Management
  • English for Sports Management
  • English for Public Relations Managers
  • English for Report Writing & Commercial Correspondence
  • English for Senior Purchasing Management
  • English for Tourism and Hotel Management
  • Teacher Refresher Course

The London Education Centre’s specialist advisors will assess your exact needs in order to find the most appropriate course. We will then help you arrange your studies in the UK, ensuring you return home with an essential new skill to advance your career.

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